Strategy & Conception

analytical and goal-oriented

We analyse your achievements, distilling from them your strengths and weaknesses, evaluate your market position, and set targets with you. The strategy we develop focuses up-to-date communications measures on your company’s target groups and touch points. We optimise your positioning.

Content & Story

informative and exciting

From traditional media relations to modern storytelling – our measures generate one thing above all: attention for you and your company. We develop the right keynotes for you and create a story for your service that people will want to keep following. We write your success story, from press release to trade press article, to case study.

Convince & Communicate

personal and digital

We actively seek dialogue. We explain and mediate. Your strengths only really come into their own in discourse – in face-to-face communications in interviews, at events, press conferences, or roundtable discussions. But we also support you in the digital domain – with your social media channels, your website and your online marketing activities.

Launch a Project

let's get started

If this is exactly what you’re looking for, then let’s launch a project together, or we can start by meeting and talk about what you have in mind.

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